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great book list Getting a 7th Grader to sit still and read isn't always easy! Don't let busy schedules stop your older child from enjoying books. Parents need to get a little more creative and squeeze in reading time. Be sure as your running your older child to and from activities to bring their favorite books. The 15 and 20 minutes between activities this is a great time for reading. The 6th and 7th "Must Read" lists provides some great ideas for popular books your seventh graders will love."
Enjoy. Nicky (book lover, educatior and mom)
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first grade reading tipsSeventh Grade Reading:

    Use a our "Must Read" book list to get your 7th grader reading. A seventh grader may not realize this kind of entertainment they can get from books. At this age, of course, elementary school is finally over but your kid is just within the transition stage, so your child is more likely to remain active and might start thinking about skateboarding and owning an iPod. Reading might be their last activity to do. Fortunately, there are now popular 7th grade books that will best suit your kid’s interest.

    With the increasing popularity of online games, your seventh grader might prefer to stay at home playing online videos games. Reading books might be the last thing that they would prefer at this stage, most especially if they are busy with a lot of things. Getting your seventh grader to be at just one corner and read is not really easy. Now, you can find the best solution to this problem. With the help of the most popular 7th grade books, you can start getting your seventh graders to read. The 7th grade reading list is carefully chosen to meet the needs and interest of kids and to give them entertainment that they can only be found through reading these books. Whatever genre that they want, they can definitely found it in the 7th Grade Reading List. All the books included in this seventh grade reading list are of different genres, entertaining and are greatly educational. These books are also written by famous and prominent writers who are known for creating great books that are perfect for your kids under such age.

    Why is it Important for 7th Graders to Read?

    Reading books improves your child’s critical thinking skills, creates their imagination and develops their communication skills. Moreover, their vocabulary will improve especially if their start reading a wide variety of books from these popular 7th grade books which are all carefully chosen to meet the interest of seventh graders. Getting a seventh grader to read is really important. This is a great activity that they must begin to develop during this age to help them read its several advantages such as:

  • Enhances Discipline and Concentration
  • A seventh grade might still be distracted during the time of the story but eventually, kids will develop the ability of staying put for the book’s duration. Together with the reading comprehension also comes an even stronger self-discipline.

  • Improves their Worlds
  • Once seventh graders starts to read different books from the 7th grade reading list that comes with various genres, they will also get exposed to various types of lifestyles, worlds and characters. For instance, the story of Harry Potter can spark their imaginations, but the true stories of life may trigger their interest in traveling. This can also foster great understanding of other people and other culture. This will help them in developing their perspective on the world.

    There are a lot more benefits that a seventh grader can get from popular 7th grade books. The 7th Grade Reading List comes with various entertaining and informative books that a seventh grade will definitely love and enjoy.